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UK Domain Names increase in price: March 1st, 2016

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Nominet price increaseIMPORTANT: Nominet confirms price increase 1st March 2016

On February 11th, 2016 Nominet confirmed that their costs for UK domain names is going to rise by 50% from 1 March 2016.

Russell Haworth, Nominet CEO commented: “We’re committed to running a first class service for .UK registrants, including our renowned customer service, and we’re doing more than ever before to ensure the .UK space is a safe and trusted home for all.  But costs have risen considerably since we last changed the price, and we need to compete in a promotion-driven industry.  We won’t compromise on the quality of our service or dial back our efforts to counter cyber-threats head on.  However, it’s important to us that .UK domains represent value for money as well as quality, and the price we have set reflects that.”

As a result of this increase most UK domains will increase in price on March 1st.

This will affect all UK domain names including: .co.uk, .me.uk, .org.uk, .ltd.uk,.plc.uk, and .uk

The good news is that if you buy or renew your UK domain names today you can get the lower price. If it makes sense you can also register domain names for up to 9 years, locking in the discount.

My current favourite place to register, transfer and renew domain names is Name.com


About the author: Rick Lomas, a internet addict, researcher, publisher, bass player and search engine optimisation expert from England, but now living in The French Alps. Rick can help sell your products and services online, publish books and pretty much anything like that.

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