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Hampstead Pals

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I’ve often heard myself that I am always going to resist making a web site ever again unless it is for myself, but I made an exception today. My good friend Jon Nicholls from the UK has a passion about World War One and in particular the French Battlefields of Arras and other areas. He’s even written a book called ‘Cheerful Sacrifice’ which is about The Battle of Arras 1917.

Many years ago he formed a small group called Hampstead Pals with the intention of organizing Battlefield Trips to France.

Anyway, I registered the domain name yesterday and made a site today (using my favourite WordPress/Semiologic platform), so my aim now is to get into Google ASAP. I proved that The Google Sandbox does not exist a few weeks ago, so watch this space and I will prove it again.

Meanwhile, go and look at the site I just made, it’s simply called Hampstead Pals.

About the author: Rick Lomas, a internet addict, researcher, publisher, bass player and search engine optimisation expert from England, but now living in The French Alps. Rick can help sell your products and services online, publish books and pretty much anything like that.

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