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Rick Lomas and The Whole World

Rick Lomas, Hugh Grant & Divine Brown

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A story from The Sunday People, July 2, 1995, Sunday

I’ve always wanted to have sex with a black girl – that was my fantasy!

Blow by Blow, the story of what heart-throb Hugh told the Hollywood Hooker;
LA pimp tells how he controlled Hugh Grant hooker, Divine Brown

HOOKER Divine Brown has revealed how heart-throb Hugh Grant paid her pounds 40 for oral sex in his car and told her: “I always wanted to sleep with a black woman. That’s my fantasy.”
Brown is believed to have sold for about pounds 100,000 her story of how the 34-year-old Four Weddings and A Funeral star picked her up as he cruised along Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in his white BMW convertible. The 25-year-old prostitute said she told him for 40 dollars more – about pounds 28 – they could have gone to a room. That way they would never have been caught. Grant is said to have told her: “Wow! You’re gorgeous.” When she told him her name was Divine, he is said to have replied: “You certainly are.” Brown describes the pick-up in detail. She told a Sunday newspaper: “I saw the car and the guy had a baseball cap pulled down over his eyes. It looked like he was trying to hide his face. “I asked him what he wanted to do and he said ‘I want to have sex’.”

Brown said she teased him by asking whether it was his fantasy to have sex with a black woman.

When he said yes, she replied: “Well, honey, you just got it.”

She said Grant’s willy was “cute”, and added: “I’d give it six out of 10 in terms of size and quality.”

Meanwhile, the pimp controlling hooker Divine last night blew the lid off her life as one of Hollywood’s most skilful sex-for-sale girls.

And vice king Rick Lomas revealed that Hugh was certainly a real tasty geezer! “She used a mint-flavoured condom,” said dreadlocked Lomas, who controls prostitutes on Los Angeles’ seedy Sunset Strip.

“I insist my girls use protection and for oral sex they like flavoured condoms with no lubrication.

“I supply my girls with all their condoms and they have the choice of strawberry, raspberry, banana or mint. Divine always chose mint.” For nearly two years Divine – real name Estella Marie Thompson – was 35-year- old Lomas’s top hooker.

“Oh man,” he said, “that Divine was the queen of the blow job. Once a guy had had oral sex with her I could guarantee he would come back time and time again.

“That guy Hugh Grant might have got caught in the act – but at least he went down happy!

“Divine was a good- looking chick with a great figure – and she was very talented.”

Four Weddings And A Funeral star Grant, 34, and Divine were arrested by Hollywood police early on Tuesday in a street off Sunset Boulevard.

They were handcuffed and charged with “lewd behaviour” after police found the couple “orally copulating” in Grant’s BMW. They said Divine was bent over the actor as he sat with his black trousers and pants around his knees.

But violent Lomas was was furious that Divine was working at all. “I fired her five months ago and she knows better than to try to freelance on my patch,”
he said. “If I’d found her she’d have been in a lot more trouble than just getting a ticket from the cops!”

Lomas said he sacked Divine because she became addicted to the deadly drug crack cocaine.

“I know a lot of people might think that what I do for a living is not very moral – but believe me no-one hates drugs more than I do.

“I do everything I can to keep my girls off drugs, especially crack. If they start on the drugs I don’t want to know them any more – they become totally unreliable.”

Normally an experienced street girl like Divine would bring in two to three hundred dollars a night.

“She worked from about 11pm until four in the morning. She was good – but even the best girls only manage about five or six clients a night.

“I’m up at six every morning ready for the girls to come to me with their takings. When Divine started turning up with 20 dollars after an entire night I knew something was very wrong.

“For about three months before I got rid of her she had that wild wide- eyed look that all crackheads have.

“Her skin was getting very dry and she was behaving in a very hyper and irrational way.

“One night about five months ago I told Divine that unless I saw at least 200 dollars the next morning she was going to be in serious trouble.

“I never saw her again. Then on Tuesday I saw her and Grant in the papers and I knew she’d sneaked back to her old corner at Courtney and tried to make a few bucks on her own.

“Let me tell you, she broke the rules. She knows it…and I’m furious.”

Lomas pays 500 dollars a week to his “street guy” – 6ft 10in former basket- ball player Anthony Peay.

The 31-year-old giant known as Motorhead, walks Sunset Boulevard all night keeping a watchful eye over Lomas’s hookers.

“I keep my eyes open constantly. I know the undercover vice cops – I know when to get the girls off the street so they don’t get arrested. I didn’t see Divine that night – if I had she would have been in big trouble. She was probably hiding every time I walked by.”

Lomas first met Divine two years ago.

“She was walking along Sunset looking pretty cute and I thought maybe we could come to an arrangement – I’m always looking for new recruits.

“I got talking to her and asked her if she would be interested in working for me. I took her for a drive in my BMW.

“I don’t pry too much – but she told me she’d just left the San Francisco area and came from an unhappy home.

“I said, ‘You could be happy working for me, babe’. She smiled and I knew she was on.”

Grinning, Lomas also told how Divine had to pass an audition to prove she was up to the job.

“Just to see if she knew what she was doing I told her she would have to blow me and Motorhead,” he said. “When she went ahead and did it I knew we could make some serious money together. God, she was good!

“And for a long time she was my very best girl. She was happy in her work – a genuine happy hooker. She loved to sing and come talk with me. I liked her, she was a nice girl.

“Then she got into crack and her whole personality changed.”

Lomas disclosed that he keeps a tight financial reign on his girls.

“If Divine came to me saying she wanted to get some new clothes I didn’t ask questions.

“She loved getting all them sexy clothes at Frederick’s on Hollywood Boulevard. I couldn’t help smiling when I saw her police mug shot wearing that red dress.

“Red was her favourite colour. She liked to wear bikini-style panties. She could look hot.”

Lomas told how he once had to beat Divine.

He recalled: “She had all these ideas about how she was the best on The Strip and I should be paying her a ton of money to work for me.

“She threatened to leave and go out on her own – and I slapped her.

“I keep hearing this junk about how much she’ll get for her story.

“With her habit, giving her all that money would be like killing her. She ‘ll spend every cent on crack!”

About the author: Rick Lomas, a internet addict, researcher, publisher, bass player and search engine optimisation expert from England, but now living in The French Alps. Rick can help sell your products and services online, publish books and pretty much anything like that.

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