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The Landvo L900 SmartPhone

in Mobile

The Landvo L900 Smart phone is a fantastic bargain coming in under £100 whilst being an extremely functional device – when compared to a lot of other phones on the market this is a seriously impressive price tag to feature ratio and makes the Landvo L900 an attractive product.

The Landvo L900 features a 5” QHD-LCD screen that puts out a resolution of 960 by 540 pixels – this creates a very distinctive and cripst digital display which is ideal for playing videos and movies as well as for general phone use. The Landvo L900 also boasts a Quad Core Cortex A7 CPU clocked at 1.3ghz. This mobile processor chip is produced by Arm technologies who are considered to be the leaders in mobile processing hardware and have advanced technologies that are superior to other chips. The quad core is a step down from the octa core processor found in some other models but it is still a formidable chip and the 1.3ghz of processing power that it outputs still allows the phone to perform blisteringly fast. As the chip has only 4 cores it is also very efficient in terms of power consumption and allows the phone to have a long battery life.

The Landvo L900 also features two cameras. The front camera is in place for convenient selfies and is rated at 2MP which is pretty impressive as it is only a secondary camera. On the back of the phone there is a much more powerful 5MP camera which is comes fitted with a flash light for taking photographs in low light. This camara is great for taking action shots and high quality photos.

The phone also comes with dual sim capabilities so that you can operate two different networks on the same phone – this is a great feature for someone who frequently travels abroad as it allows for you to have a sim registered in your home country whilst also having a sim registered in a country that you frequently travel two. When you are abroad you can then use the secondary sim and avail of cheaper calls whilst you are there.

The Landvo L900 also comes with GPS for location dependant services such as Google maps, 2G and 3G connectivity for browsing the internet and downloading emails when you are not connected to wifi as well as supporting advanced touch functionality including air gesture.

The phone runs on the popular Android operating system (Kitkat version 4.4) making the user interface extremely intuitive as well as being customisable for the advanced user – notoriously more so than Apples iOS operating system for example, which is far more restricted in terms of what you can and can’t do.

Overall the Landvo L900 is a great phone and an unbeatable price. Whilst it’s not as powerful as some other models including the L550 it is still fast and very functional whilst also being extremely efficient in terms of its battery life and the price tag is seriously appealing when comparing this phone to other competitors.

About the author: Rick Lomas, a internet addict, researcher, publisher, bass player and search engine optimisation expert from England, but now living in The French Alps. Rick can help sell your products and services online, publish books and pretty much anything like that.

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