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The Landvo L600 is a real feat of modern engineering and is a worthy contender in the smart phone market due to its robust feature set and its extremely competitive price tag. The aim of this article is to take a deep dive into the phone’s offerings and to show that it is comparible to any other smart phone on the market today despite it having a much lower price tag than most of them.

The phone runs on the popular Android operating system Kitkat (version 4.4) like many other smart phones on the market and leverages this software platform to provide a great user experience and intuitive touch interface to owners of the handset.

As for its physical attributes, the Landvo L600 is grey in colour and has a 5” IPS capacitive touch screen featuring 1280 x 720 pixel resolution – this gives the phone a sharp digital display and the 16000k colour depth means that the array of colours on the display is fantastic. This is really great for watching videos and movies on the phone but also for general use as it makes the menus and other functions appear very crisp.

If we go under the hood of the Landvo L600 we find a powerful Arm processor chip in the form of the MTK6750 Octa core which runs at 1.7ghz. This is a very impressive clock speed for a smart phone and will see the phone performing very efficient multi-tasking and generally providing a great user experience in terms of speed and power. In addition, the Octa core design allows the phone to operate at the appropriate speed for whatever task it is currently undertaking whilst also conserving battery life whenever possible. This is largely due to the fact that the octa core is actually made up of two independent quad core processors housed in the same chip, one processor is used for demanding tasks such as video streaming whilst the other is reserved for mundane tasks such as navigation of menus, idle processing and so on. The second set of processor cores are built specifically for less demanding tasks and as such uses far less power. This technique preserves the phones battery wherever possible and makes for an extremely long battery life and time between charges.

The phone comes with lots of other cool features including wifi for internet connectivity to available hotspots, 4G connectivity for anywhere internet access whilst you are out and about, GPS for location based services such as Google Maps and also Bluetooth for connecting to a range of other devices such as hands free kits and in car entertainment systems.

Overall the Landvo L600 is a fantastic smartphone that is up there with the top phones on the market in terms of its wide feature set whilst also coming with a much more easy to digest price tag than some of its close competitors. These two facts make it one of the best choices today for an affordable and modern smart phone.

The Landvo L900 Smart phone is a fantastic bargain coming in under £100 whilst being an extremely functional device – when compared to a lot of other phones on the market this is a seriously impressive price tag to feature ratio and makes the Landvo L900 an attractive product.

The Landvo L900 features a 5” QHD-LCD screen that puts out a resolution of 960 by 540 pixels – this creates a very distinctive and cripst digital display which is ideal for playing videos and movies as well as for general phone use. The Landvo L900 also boasts a Quad Core Cortex A7 CPU clocked at 1.3ghz. This mobile processor chip is produced by Arm technologies who are considered to be the leaders in mobile processing hardware and have advanced technologies that are superior to other chips. The quad core is a step down from the octa core processor found in some other models but it is still a formidable chip and the 1.3ghz of processing power that it outputs still allows the phone to perform blisteringly fast. As the chip has only 4 cores it is also very efficient in terms of power consumption and allows the phone to have a long battery life.

The Landvo L900 also features two cameras. The front camera is in place for convenient selfies and is rated at 2MP which is pretty impressive as it is only a secondary camera. On the back of the phone there is a much more powerful 5MP camera which is comes fitted with a flash light for taking photographs in low light. This camara is great for taking action shots and high quality photos.

The phone also comes with dual sim capabilities so that you can operate two different networks on the same phone – this is a great feature for someone who frequently travels abroad as it allows for you to have a sim registered in your home country whilst also having a sim registered in a country that you frequently travel two. When you are abroad you can then use the secondary sim and avail of cheaper calls whilst you are there.

The Landvo L900 also comes with GPS for location dependant services such as Google maps, 2G and 3G connectivity for browsing the internet and downloading emails when you are not connected to wifi as well as supporting advanced touch functionality including air gesture.

The phone runs on the popular Android operating system (Kitkat version 4.4) making the user interface extremely intuitive as well as being customisable for the advanced user – notoriously more so than Apples iOS operating system for example, which is far more restricted in terms of what you can and can’t do.

Overall the Landvo L900 is a great phone and an unbeatable price. Whilst it’s not as powerful as some other models including the L550 it is still fast and very functional whilst also being extremely efficient in terms of its battery life and the price tag is seriously appealing when comparing this phone to other competitors.

A smart phone is almost a necessity in today’s fast paced world. We use our smart phones for there original intended use – making phone calls and communicating – but we also use them for many other tasks including browsing the internet, sending emails and even online shopping. The Landvo L800S is one such smart phone that provides us with the ability to carry out all of these tasks. The great thing about the Landvo L800S though, when compared to other smart phones on the market, is its price tag – the phone comes in under £100 which makes it a real contender and a much more cost effective option than most comparbiel smart phones that are available today.

The phone runs on Google’s Android operating system version 4.4 which has been dubbed Kitkat. The Kitkat OS whilst not being the latest operating system from Android is arguably the most stable yet and for that reason it is a great choice of OS for the phone. The Kitkat OS allows you to stay connected to the digital world wherever you are via a feature rich user interface that is packed with games, apps and utilities out of the box whilst also being connected to the play store, enabling almost any additional app that you can think of to be downloaded.

The phone packs a fair amount of power as well with a Quad core Arm chip clocking in at 1.2ghz which is fast enough and powerful enough to produce a great experience for the user in terms of speed and agility whilst also being energy efficient. This means that the phone has a great battery life compared to some of the phones other more powerful counterparts.

The phone comes with an abundant set of features including dual cameras rated at 0.3MP and 5MP respectively, dual sim card standby for multiple network connectivity, air gestures, 3G internet connectivity for browsing the web whilst out and about and also GPS so that you can make use of location dependant services such as Google maps.

The Landvo L800S also comes with an impressive digital display touch screen which is 5” in size and has a resolution of 960px by 540px. This gives the phone a really crisp display and is great for general use as well as for watching videos.

Overall the Landvo L800S is a fantastic smartphone with some power under its hood, a fast and intuitive operating system as well as a vast array of features that put it up there with some of the best smartphones on the market. To top it all off the phone has an RRP of less than £100 making it far more affordable than a lot of its counterparts.

If you are looking for a new smart phone that has all of the features required to stay connected to the digital world but you don’t want to spend out hundreds of pounds on the most popular branded phone then the Landvo L800S is the perfect choice.

The landvo L550 is a competitively priced smartphone that runs on the Android operating system. The Landvo is comparable to many other smartphones that are on the market today including the Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Experia M and the motorola nexus 6.

All of these other phones share some very similar attributes with the Landvo L550 – importantly they are all running on the same Android operating system and as such are extremely fast, intuitive and flexible in terms of how the software can be used.

The great thing about the Landvo L550 and the thing that sets it aside from its competitors is its price which comes in under £100. Compared to the typical price of other comparable smartphones this is extremely cheap especially considering that you are essentially getting the same product and the same user experience.

If we go “under the hood” of the Landvo L550 we will see a Cortex A7 Octa core processor (that’s 8 cores) that runs at 1.4ghz – this is a very impressive clock speed for a mobile phone processor and will make the phone very fast when performing everyday tasks as well as making it extremely responsive. In addition to the processors clock speed, the fact that it is an octa core means that it is also very efficient. Whilst you might think this is just 8 cores it is not – in fact its actually 2 quad core processors squeezed into a single chip, the two processors work together to intelligently distribute tasks with the aim of preserving battery life. This means that not only is the phone very fast and responsive but it has a very long life between charges.

The Landvo L550 also comes with 1GB of RAM installed – this is what allows the phone to perform multiple operations at the same time and makes it very good at multi-tasking. The phone also comes with 8GB ROM which is used for storage of files and operating system components.

8GB is more than it sounds and is sufficient for most every day uses of the smart phone, however if you need more space – perhaps for photos, music and other storage requirements then the phone is capable of taking a 64GB expansion card as well – this can be purchased fairly cheaply, inserted into the phone giving it a total of 72GB of storage space which is ample for storing large amounts of music, pictures and also films.

The screen is QHD-LCD and supports advanced functions such as two touch point for features like zooming in and out.

The phone also has two cameras – 2mb on the front and 8mb on the back, built in GPS as well as the facility to accept two sim cards for multi network support.

Taking all of the points into consideration the phone is extremely robust, feature rich and also powerful whilst having an affordable price tag at less than £100 making it a fantastic purchase option.

Eli-Roth-LorenzaI wonder what Eli got Lorenzo over the holiday period? Could it have been something cute like a personalized chocolate gift from Sent With A Loving Kiss or something expensive involving diamonds – who knows? Eli and Lorenzo got married in Chile last year in November. It was a beach wedding at Zapallar which sounded (relatively) simple and a lot of fun. They were eating popcorn from boxes that featured themselves in stills of movies that they have been in, yes that’s fairly normal I suppose! It’s hard to imagine what a dude like Eli Roth is really like in real life. Anybody who makes a living out of scaring the crap out of people, must have to do some serious unwinding.

I’ve been getting rather excited by the new Eli Roth film, Clown. It has become abundantly clear to me that, as I have always expected, Eli’s mind does not work the same way as any body elses! I have a few friends who really do not like clowns, two of my girlfriends have a very strong irrational fear of clowns. Clown is not for them! The plot seems fairly straightforward, a loving father finds a clown costume which he puts on, complete with wig, big shoes, bulbous nose and crazy makeup. The horror starts when he finds the costume impossible to remove and has actually become part of him. In Italy, posters featuring the horrific clown image have been censored because they are just too disturbing!

It looks like 2015 is going to be a great year for Eli, so it just remains for me to wish all you horror lovers a wonderful and not too gorey New Year.