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Weight Watchers Journey Week 3I was absolutely delighted this morning. I was hoping that I had lost 3.5kg since I began 3 weeks ago, but in fact it was 4.5kg. Already I am feeling lighter – I know that sounds daft, but I really am – my knees seem under less strain and I seem to have more energy already.

In the video I discussed how I’m dealing with my love of red wine by eating less in the day time. A small glass of red wine is 3 SmartPoints, so I do try and make sure that I have at least 9 spare by dinnertime. I was worried that this might not work, but hey it seems to have done so quite nicely. If this means that I can still drink red wine on an almost daily basis and lose weight at the same time, I really am a happy bunny. I believe that when Weight Watchers started back in the 60s (I think), alcohol was strictly forbidden. This really wouldn’t work for me as I do enjoy the odd glass or ten. Luckily now, as long as you track everything you drink, it’s cool. I did ask an online WW expert if I could have 6 pints of lager and a slice of toast. She said that that would still work, but they do encourage a balanced diet. Fair enough.

In the video I mentioned that I had considered getting an activity tracker. The best ones would be the ones that work directly with Weight Watchers Online and its app. These are:

  • FitBit
  • Jawbone
  • Withings
  • Misfit
  • Garmin VivoFit
  • Apple Health
  • MapMyRun

What I really fancy is a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 as they are pretty cheap at the moment, but unfortunately they don’t work directly with the Weight Watchers Online app. I’ll look into this a bit more as the idea of logging activity and food/drink intake is what is really working for me. If I can combine this with a few gadgets and things, it makes it more fun for me.

Starting weight: 90.0 kg
Current weight: 87.1 kg
My Goal Weight: 70.0 kg

Weight Watchers Weight Loss in 2 weeksThis is my second week of doing Weight Watchers Online. I’ve been pretty good at keeping to the plan and not going over my daily SmartPoints allowance. If this happens you dip into your weekly allowance, which I did a little bit. I did drink a little more wine and whisky throughout the week than I did in the first week, but it all went into the food log. As I tend to have a few glasses of wine in the evening, I’d rather have lighter meals during the day so that I have a few SmartPoints left in the evening.

I went to the pub twice last week, last Sunday I drank two pints of Amstel lager and on Tuesday I had one. My dilemma is that a small (125cl) glass of red wine is 3 SmartPoints, whereas a pint of lager is 5 Smartpoints, so if I’m out I’d rather drink a pint. The good pub habits I’m getting are:

  • I’m not nibbling any crisps or peanuts that are on the bar
  • I’m not getting involved with any shots of Tequila, Jägermeister or whatever
  • I’m drinking water as well as beer

I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t reach my activity goal of 32 points, I logged some walking and cycling, but not very much. It did seem that I kept thinking about doing more cycling, but before I knew it, the week had gone. My ‘weigh in’ day is Friday, so I suppose I should try and get some larger activities done at the weekend. It’s early days, but I think I’ll get there.

Results after the first week of following the Weight Watchers Online Plan:

90.0 kg Starting weight
89.1 kg Current weight
70.0 kg Your Goal Weight

I’ve been aware for a long time that I’m overweight, I think I have been since I first got a ‘proper job’ in London back in 1987. At the time I smoked a bit too which probably kept my appetite numbed so I wasn’t always thinking about eating. I gave up smoking twice in about 1996 and 1998, but each time I stopped I seem to put on about 6kg in weight which never really went away even when I started smoking again. I’ve not smoked for about 18 years now and never really lost that weight I gained when I stopped.

From 2001 until now I have mostly been living in The French Alps in the land of cheese and wine, both of which I love dearly. This all came to a head last week on September 9, 2016 when I weighed myself and I was 90kg. I’ve never been that heavy ever, so it was time to do something about it. I also noticed some photos from a gig I did a couple of weeks ago that I was definitely looking like a fat bloke.

The Harper Brothers playing at Hotel 5 Saisons

Bass Player = Fat bloke who drives the van = Fact 🙁

I joined Weight Watchers Online because the nearest meeting for me is near Grenoble, which is a good 2 hours away. I could have joined the French one, but I thought I’d rather join the UK version as it might be easier doing it in my native language. I joined for 3 months at the bargain price of £19.95.

Get the WeightWatchers UK 3 month online plan

During the first week I logged every bit of food and drink that I consumed and I really think this is the key. I also believe by having the daily budget of SmartPoints you really think about how you are going to use your points up.

For me, I will merrily skip a dessert if I can have an extra couple of glasses of wine. Pre-Weight Watchers, I would have probably had a dessert and 3 or 4 glasses of wine anyway. If I can change these little habits, I think I’ll be fine. So far my loss is 0.9kg which I’m quite happy with. In ‘old money’ this about 2 pounds which is about the maximum you can expect from a Weight Watchers Plan.

Books by Fergus Rainbow

in Books

Over the past few years I have published a few books for my friend Fergus Rainbow. This is a huge ‘work in progress’ and so far the ones with the red, orange, yellow and green covers are done. There’s a blue one in the pipeline and after that there will be indigo and violet ones to complete the full spectrum of Mr. Rainbow’s books. The first four are available in both paperback and Kindle formats.

MicroSD Cards

I use MicroSD Cards in my mobile phone, GPS and video camera. I’ve tried using generic non branded versions, but they always seem to fail in the end. For this reason I’d always recommend using SanDisk MicroSD cards: