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Happy New Year Eli Roth Fans!

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Eli-Roth-LorenzaI wonder what Eli got Lorenzo over the holiday period? Could it have been something cute like a personalized chocolate gift from Sent With A Loving Kiss or something expensive involving diamonds – who knows? Eli and Lorenzo got married in Chile last year in November. It was a beach wedding at Zapallar which sounded (relatively) simple and a lot of fun. They were eating popcorn from boxes that featured themselves in stills of movies that they have been in, yes that’s fairly normal I suppose! It’s hard to imagine what a dude like Eli Roth is really like in real life. Anybody who makes a living out of scaring the crap out of people, must have to do some serious unwinding.

I’ve been getting rather excited by the new Eli Roth film, Clown. It has become abundantly clear to me that, as I have always expected, Eli’s mind does not work the same way as any body elses! I have a few friends who really do not like clowns, two of my girlfriends have a very strong irrational fear of clowns. Clown is not for them! The plot seems fairly straightforward, a loving father finds a clown costume which he puts on, complete with wig, big shoes, bulbous nose and crazy makeup. The horror starts when he finds the costume impossible to remove and has actually become part of him. In Italy, posters featuring the horrific clown image have been censored because they are just too disturbing!

It looks like 2015 is going to be a great year for Eli, so it just remains for me to wish all you horror lovers a wonderful and not too gorey New Year.

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