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Regenerating Forests in the Philippines

in The Philippines

Regenerating Forests - PhilippinesForests supply some of the essential resources of planet earth. Destroying forests means that entire ecosystems are massively disrupted. Forests spread over a third of the land mass of the planet and give more than 1,500,000,000 people jobs and a livelihood.

They cover a third of the planet’s land mass and provide over one and a half billion people with a livelihood. The Assisted Natural Regeneration of Forests program is more colloquially referred to as ANR. The United Nations (UN) and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) have partnered with the government in the Philippines to promote ANR.

The Assisted Natural Regeneration of Forests technique is cost effective and simple: when a small tree is found, the surrounding grass is pressed down and a ring around the tree is weeded. To finish the job, any grass that is blocking sunlight to the tree is removed so that the tree has every chance to grow quickly. All the little trees that are trying to grow, get a chance to grow, and you can see the result very quickly. Native species of tree grow on their own , quickly and easily.

As we all start to understand how completely fragile our natural systems are, they are going to see forests and spend time there. This is excellent news as this is bringing new income into the forests. Ecotourism is now on the increase. A sustainable forest means that communities can benefit from the products that they can collect from the forest. Some tropical plants such as the pandanus can be used as food and as a material to make household items. You can buy baskets made by women from the pandanus plant all over the Philipines. Because this trade is directly associated with the forests it is an extremely important source of income.

About the author: Rick Lomas, a internet addict, researcher, publisher, bass player and search engine optimisation expert from England, but now living in The French Alps. Rick can help sell your products and services online, publish books and pretty much anything like that.

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