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Action Against Hunger

in Humanitarian Issues

Action Against HungerIn 1979 Action Against Hunger was formed in France by a collective of writers, scientists and doctors. You will often see the abbreviation ACF which is from the French ‘Action Contre Faim’.

The organization’s first chairman was Professor Alfred Kastler, in 1996 Kastler had won the Nobel Prize in physics.

Some of the first work of the ACF was to give assistance in Pakistan to Afghan refugees. Other importand was similar in Thailand with Cambodian refugees. Help was also given to Ugandan communities.

In the 1980s and 1990s the work of the ACF was focussed on humanitarian aid in The Blakans, South East Asia, the Middle East and as ever, Africa.  The ACF were pioneers in developing the therapeutic milk formula that is used now to treat acute malnutrition. The formula, known as F100 is now used by most of the major humanitarian organizations that provide aid for malnutrition.

In 1985 Action Against Hunger was launched in the USA. This section of the organization is now known as ACF International. ACF International now has headquarters in the US, the UK, Canada as well as France and Spain. The ACF Internation Network adheres to the following principles:

  • Independence
  • Non discrimination
  • Professionalism
  • Direct access to victims
  • Transparency

In the short term, the way in which Action Against Hunger deals with hunger and malnutrition is by providing feeding centers. In an emergency situation they provide sanitation and water facilities as well as managing the distribution of supplies and food.

The long term Action Against Hunger provides training for health care, food security, nutrition, sanitation and managing water. Training is provided by the ACF’s six thousand staff and international experts.

In more detail, here are some of the key areas in which the ACF works


Action Against Hunger works to increase the awareness, to the international community, of the violations of human rights that are creating hunger. In particular, the right to food.


Immunization, prenatal care and postnatal care are provided for mothers and their children at health centers. The centers also run their own public health programs. These are designed to train staff, monitor the spread of disease and illness and educate about the importance of sanitation and clean water.

Food Security

Training programs are provided to educate about food conservation, breeding animals, gardening and farming.

Sanitation and Water

The ACF aims to provide safe clean drinking water by installing water systems, drilling wells and tapping into springs.


The ACF feeding centers are there for the treatment of malnourished children. At the same time child growth is monitored and the visitors are educated. The more specialized therapeutic feeding centers are there for the treatment of children who are suffering from severe malnutrition with a rigourous program of medical treatment.

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