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Who is Eli Roth?

Not many people have heard of Eli Roth, though those who have understand the extent of the talent and drive behind all he does. Eli Roth is a young director known for many popular movies, such as Hostel and its just-as-thrilling sequel. He’s also appeared on film as an actor, and written many screenplays, which shows the wide variety of talents he has.

Roth was born in Massachusetts in 1972 to a Harvard professor and a painter. He started making films very early on—starting when he was eight years old. He worked on making short films with his brothers, creating over one hundred of them before he even graduated high school. He worked hard to bring in extra income in order to finance his movies in college, even working for Howard Stern in his early twenties. He got is first job in Hollywood as an extra on The Practice, though throughout this time, he was still busy working on his scripts.

During the late 90’s Eli Roth attended NYU to work on his craft, making several films during his time there—includin one that won several awards. In 1999, he moved to Los Angeles, where he began really getting into the film world. He started writing, editing, acting, producing, and animating for a series of animated shorts that was meant to air in between wrestling matches. Unfortunately, the person in charge of giving the project the go ahead was fired, and so they never actually aired.

There are several movies that Roth began working on long before they brought him the fame for being a master of horror movies. For example, Roth began working on writing Cabin Fever in 1995, shortly after he left NYU. He based the film off of an experience he had after riding an Icelandic pony. The film didn’t bring him success until 2003 when it was released. After this movie, Roth was a known figure on the horror movie scene. During an interview regarding his new movie Kill Bill, Tarantino claimed that Roth was the future of the horror genre.

In 2005, Hostel was released. This is really the film that not only changed things for Roth, but also changed things for the horror scene as a whole. It’s about three tourists who are lured into a hostel that is anything but. Instead of a safe place to stay, they end up in the grasp of a group that caters to rich tourists that enjoy watching torture and violence. The excessive violence and gore in this film changed the way horror movies were viewed—in this case, it was almost a sexual experience for the audience. Roth took a pay cut to ensure that he could make this movie what it was meant to be without hitting any limitations.

Soon after, Hostel II came out, though it didn’t do nearly as well as the first installment. Many claimed this was a result of the movie also coming out at the same time as many huge series hits, such as Shrek 3 and Ocean’s 13. Regardless of its less than desired reception, this film was chosen as part of a list for the top twenty horror films made in the last twenty years.

Roth has gone on to work on a great many projects after his initial success. He even starred in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. His passion for film can be seen in all he creates—his imagination and innovativeness is not only unique, but it is changing the film industry in ways no one could have ever seen. His future is filled with promise, and fans of his know that no matter what he comes out with, it’s going to be amazing, new, and worth the wait.