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Rick Lomas and The Whole World

About this site

This site is made by Rick Lomas who is from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England. Rick worked for many years in fairly unrewarding jobs in England and Wales. The best J.O.B (just over broke they call it these days) was probably Reed Elsevier in London, but that all went down the pan in 1997 when the section of the company failed to keep up with the rest of the World.

After the job finished Rick tried to pursue a career with Donovan Lines as Active Loop Zone, a 90s techno/ambient acid combo. After some reasonable independent chart success, the band became less active as Rick moved to France. By now Rick had discovered the internet and found ways to make a bit of cash with it. Here in the 21st century Rick continues to provide a roof over his family’s head and put food on the table, thanks to the internet.