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Weight Watchers Loss Week 6Well this is cool, every Friday I get on the scales and I’m kind of expecting to have lost about a kilogram. It’s usually more than that and in fact my average loss is currently 1.27kg per week. I’ve still got 12.4kg to go until I reach my goal. At this rate that would be 12.4/1.27=9.8 weeks until my goal weight of 70kg. This comes out as Friday December 9th, 2016. If this happens I will be amazed as at first I thought it was realistic to reach my goal by my birthday in April, then I thought New Year might be achievable, then Christmas and now I’m thinking that the start of the ski season might be feasible!

This last has been a very difficult one emotionally as my wife was hospitalised with a very serious illness. My usual temptation in situations like this is to drink copious amounts of alcohol and wallow in sadness. However, this time I decided that I owe it to my wife and children to be a strong and healthy Dad/Husband for them as they are certainly going to need me to be on the ball both mentally and physically. This makes the Weight Watchers plan even more important to me.

This week I decided to invest in a spiralizer for my fruit and veg. I bought this model from Inspiralized which seems to do the job very well. Courgetti – noodles made from courgettes – now feature a lot in my diet as a pasta substitute. I’ve also been spiralizing carrots and sweet potato too. I don’t think I have ever bought a sweet potato in my life, so that’s a new veg introduced into my diet already. The real joy of a spiralizer is that it can make food look much bigger than it really is, so psychologically you get satisfied quickly even though you are only eating mostly vegetables.

weight loss week 5Yet again I am stunned that I have lost another kilogram during the week. I am actually finding all this pretty easy to be honest. I am aware that there are somethings I am having a lot less of. Alcohol has always been a problem with me especially when I’m playing bass with my band which normally involves a lot of shots and beer.I’ve pretty much reduced this to no shots and 2 pints maximum while I’m playing. Last Sunday I had an extra half of lager whilst I was packing up. My red wine consumption is probably down to half of what it was, so all in all I’m doing a lot less booze.

My rate of losing weight has decreased slightly to -1.3kg/week which I’m OK with. I am aware I need to step up my activity and try and control the booze a little bit more too. If I can continue this rate I should be getting very near my goal in just 10 weeks time. 10 weeks time is around Christmas so if I can hit my goal by the New Year that will be a great way to start 2017.

Harry's Beau & Bon

I’m definitely aware of everything I eat now – really, everything. In the video I calculated the SmartPoints value for 2 slices of this Harry’s Beau & Bon bread. I hadn’t had my breakfast when I made the video, so the plan was going to be to have a boiled egg and 2 slices of toast with Marmite. This would have come out as 6 SmartPoints in total, which I considered a little bit too excessive, so I decided to just have the toast and Marmite. I believe it’s these kind of decisions and tracking absolutely everything that has helped me lose 6.5kg in 5 weeks.

I was just thinking about the old imperial UK measurements that many people still use; 6.5kg would be 1 stone in ‘old money’, which is quite a milestone (excuse the pun).

Weight Watchers Week 4This week my weight loss rate was a bit slower than it had been so far. I think this is mainly to do with the fact that I did not achieve my activity goal. I’d hurt my foot a bit and exercising was difficult. I was still pleased to lose more weight though.

My total is now 5.5kg which means that I am over a quarter of the way to my goal. My daily SmartPoints have dropped from 32 to 30, which is the way it is supposed to work. This is because it becomes more difficult to lose that extra weight as you approach your goal.

It was difficult to not go to the ‘Fish & Chips’ night at our local pub last Friday, but I did resist it. Instead I had a tuna steak and salad at home.

Onwards it is then…14.5kg to go now ūüôā

Weight Watchers Journey Week 3I was absolutely delighted this morning. I was hoping that I had lost 3.5kg since I began 3 weeks ago, but in fact it was 4.5kg. Already I am feeling lighter РI know that sounds daft, but I really am Рmy knees seem under less strain and I seem to have more energy already.

In the video I discussed how I’m dealing with my love of red wine by eating less in the day time. A small glass of red wine is 3 SmartPoints, so I do try and make sure that I have at least 9 spare by dinnertime. I was worried that this might not work, but hey it seems to have done so quite nicely. If this means that I can still drink red wine on an almost daily basis and lose weight at the same time, I really am a happy bunny. I believe that when Weight Watchers started back in the 60s (I think), alcohol was strictly forbidden. This really wouldn’t work for me as I do enjoy the odd glass or ten. Luckily now, as long as you track everything you drink, it’s cool. I did ask an online WW expert if I could have 6 pints of lager and a slice of toast. She said that that would still work, but they do encourage a balanced diet. Fair enough.

In the video I mentioned that I had considered getting an activity tracker. The best ones would be the ones that work directly with Weight Watchers Online and its app. These are:

  • FitBit
  • Jawbone
  • Withings
  • Misfit
  • Garmin VivoFit
  • Apple Health
  • MapMyRun

What I really fancy is a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 as they are pretty cheap at the moment, but unfortunately they don’t work directly with the Weight Watchers Online app. I’ll look into this a bit more as the idea of logging activity and food/drink intake is what is really working for me. If I can combine this with a few gadgets and things, it makes it more fun for me.

Starting weight: 90.0 kg
Current weight: 87.1 kg
My Goal Weight: 70.0 kg

Weight Watchers Weight Loss in 2 weeksThis is my second week of doing Weight Watchers Online. I’ve been pretty good at keeping to the plan and not going over my daily SmartPoints allowance. If this happens you dip into your weekly allowance, which I did a little bit. I did drink a little more wine and whisky throughout the week than I did in the first week, but it all went into the food log. As I tend to have a few glasses of wine in the evening, I’d rather have lighter meals during the day so that I have a few SmartPoints left in the evening.

I went to the pub twice last week, last Sunday I drank two pints of Amstel lager and on Tuesday I had one. My dilemma is that a small (125cl) glass of red wine is 3 SmartPoints, whereas a pint of lager is 5 Smartpoints, so if I’m out I’d rather drink a pint. The good pub habits I’m getting are:

  • I’m not nibbling any crisps or peanuts that are on the bar
  • I’m not getting involved with any shots of Tequila, J√§germeister or whatever
  • I’m drinking water as well as beer

I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t reach my activity goal of 32 points, I logged some walking and cycling, but not very much. It did seem that I kept thinking about doing more cycling, but before I knew it, the week had gone. My ‘weigh in’ day is Friday, so I suppose I should try and get some larger activities done at the weekend. It’s early days, but I think I’ll get there.