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What is Guesstimation?

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What is GuesstimationI have told this story quite a few times, but at the moment I seem to feel like I ought to get it down once and for all. Back when I were a lad I went to Wolstanton Grammar School in Wolstanton, Staffordshire. [click to continue…]

Keiren Hunter

Keiren Hunter, 19, a NeckNominated Idiot

Keiren Hunter

I was stunned when I saw this photo, it’s all over the internet, the guy’s a celebrity now almost – what the hell is going on? This is what it said in The Irish Mirror: [click to continue…]

Back in April 2012 I had an email from Google warning me about my website having an unnatural backlink profile. I was surprised to see the message as I had never heard anything from Google before. The site in question was in the travel niche and it was my main money earner. The message arrived on my birthday, April 7th 2012. I thought nothing more about it, but in the back of my mind, I knew they were onto me. [click to continue…]

  1. Make use of the slide master feature to make your presentations in a simple, attractive and most importantly, consistent design. While there is nothing wrong with varying the presentation of content (e.g – text in one or two columns, bullet points, images and so on), the other elements of your design such as color, background and font should be consistent from slide to slide. [click to continue…]

What are Soft Skills?

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While technical skills are indeed very important, they are not enough by themselves to move up the corporate ladder.New models of corporate leadership emphasize more team interaction, both among themselves and with management; meaning that managers expect their teams to communicate well and to be proactive. [click to continue…]